U. Kristina Stephens Award

The U. Kristina Stephens Award is given for outstanding and exceptional service to the Laboratory Animal Management Association (LAMA). The award consists of a free-standing plaque and $500. This award is not to be considered as a standing annual award.

The nominations packet shall consist of:

  1. A nomination letter addressed to the awards committee chairperson detailing the individual’s contributions to the organization and to the field of laboratory animal management.
  2. Supporting letters may be attached but are not necessary.

NOTE: The nomination deadline is March 1st 2019. Please contact our Award Chair – Deidre Wright (wrightdr@musc.edu) with any questions.

2017-18 N/A
2016-17 N/A
2015-16 N/A
2014-15 N/A
2013-14 Leah Curtin
2012-13 N/A
2011-12 Roxanne Fox
2010-11 Kyrsten Koebach
2009-10 N/A
2008-09 Steve Benigni
2007-08 Ann Murray
2006-07 Regina Correa-Murphy
2005-06 N/A
2004-05 N/A
2003-04 Dave Johnson
2002-03 N/A
2001-02 N/A
2000-01 N/A
1999-00 Howard Mosher
1998-99 N/A
1997-98 N/A
1996-97 N/A
1995-96 Jan Malycky
1994-95 N/A
1993-94 Mary Dittmar
1992-93 Gail Heidbrink
1991-92 Fred Douglas
1990-91 John/Kathy Cogan
1989-90 Robert Mueller
1988-89 Rob Weichbrod
1987-88 Clayton Cisar
1986-87 N/A