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The Charles River Medallion

The Charles River Medallion, consisting of an inscribed medallion and $1,500, will be given in recognition of distinguished contributions to the field of laboratory animal management by an administrator/manager who is a current member of the International Laboratory Animal Management Association (LAMA) and is currently engaged in Laboratory Animal Management (engaged is defined as active employment as an administrator/manager in an animal research facility).

Nomination Process

The nomination packet shall consist of:

  1. Name, mailing address, and education information.
  2. Nature of professional managerial activity.
  3. Membership in professional and/or scientific organizations.
  4. Honors or awards.
  5. Bibliography (attached reprints if possible).
  6. Brief sketch of nominee’s professional background and a statement pertaining to his/her qualifications for the award (only one nomination letter per nominee will be accepted as part of the nomination package).
  7. (OPTIONAL) Supporting nominations letters (2 each) from either nominee’s subordinates and/or other organizational entities (business & finance, physical plant, purchasing, etc).

NOTE:  The nomination deadline is February 1st 2015.  Please contact our Award Chair – Terry Receveur ( with any questions.

Charles River Medallion Award Recipients

  • Pamela Straeter (2013)
  • Regina Correa-Murphy (2012)
  • Donna Goldsteen (2011)
  • Chris Hart (2010)
  • Stephen Baker (2009)
  • Dr. Richard Simmonds (2008)
  • Robyn C. Kiser (2007)
  • Casey Kilcullen Steiner (2006)
  • Ronald W. Gordon (2005)
  • Michael G. Sidelsky, Sr. (2003)
  • Gary Novak (2002)
  • Dennis J. Taft (2001)
  • Gail A. Heidbrink (2000)
  • Paul J. Schwikert (1999)
  • Howard E. Mosher (1998)
  • James A. Alford, Jr. (1997)
  • Fred Douglas (1996)
  • Dr. Robert Mueller (1995)
  • U. Kristina Stephens (1994)
  • John Cogan (1993)
  • Robert Weichbrod (1992)
  • Charles R. Schmieder (1991)
  • Clayton Cisar (1990)