Goal# 1: LAMA sponsored educational opportunities will appeal to a wide range of demographics, i.e. experience, geography, industry segment, etc.

Objective 1A

To offer coursework that meets the educational needs of the LAMA membership.


  • To create a series of webinars to supplement the LAMA Lab Animal Leadership Bootcamp program that will be facilitated by a speaker’s bureau.
  • To refine the CMAR module based on the upcoming revamp of the CMAR program.
  • To administer a member survey on educational needs and satisfaction of our LAMA members prior to the next SLRP in 2016, but after the 2016 LAMA meeting.
  • To maintain and enhance/grow the LAMA Lab Animal Leadership Bootcamp.
  • To provide CEUs to the LAMA membership for reading the LAMA Review, attending webinars and the LAMA Lab Animal Leadership Bootcamp as well as other educational programs.


Objective 1B

To increase the promotion of LAMA educational opportunities.


  • To increase LAMA’s presence at industry events.
  • To utilize social media to promote LAMA activities.

Goal #2: LAMA will deliver services so that members view the association as essential to their careers.

Objective 2A

To ensure that the value of the LAMA programs and services are effectively communicated to both current and potential members.


  • To maintain and improve LAMA’s social networking opportunities.
  • To enhance website functionality and content.
  • To revamp the “We are LAMA” presentation.

Objective 2B

To strengthen strategic relations with other like-minded organizations within the industry.


  • To submit abstracts and/or offer presentations at meetings of organizations such as LAWTE, ILAM, etc.
  • To leverage our collegial network to ensure sustainability of all; committees to align with organizations and maintain open communication.

Goal #3: LAMA will maintain financial sustainability.

Objective 3A

To maintain current membership numbers; two years from now, to re-evaluate if growth is possible.


  • To ensure that the Membership and Public Relations committees are highly engaged and functioning.
  • To create a membership development campaign plan.
  • To invite international affiliate representatives to the annual LAMA-ATA meeting.
  • To include international affiliates on call for LAMA presentations.


Objective 3B

To take steps to ensure continued financial stability.


  • To manage the annual budget planning process.
  • To produce monthly financial statements.
  • To manage investments.
  • To charge the finance committee to provide fiscal recommendations to balance financial risk.
  • To improve fundraising to offset gaps in revenue created by decreasing advertising sales.


Goal #4: LAMA to have a system in place to develop progressive, competent leadership as part of the organization’s succession plan.

Objective 4A

To identify future LAMA leaders.


  • To maintain the committee vice chair system to improve continuity.
  • The elected BOD must bring 2 new committee members on board during their tenure.
  • To ensure ongoing leadership recruitment at the annual LAMA / ATA meeting.
  • To charge the District and ATA reps on Membership Committee to identify potential leaders.

Objective 4B

To ensure training of future leaders.


  • To maintain the Leadership/team building training session at the annual LAMA / ATA meeting or National AALAS BOD meeting.
  • To hold session at Board meeting to review SLRP.
  • To distribute periodic leadership articles to the LAMA Board members.
  • To maintain and update the chair handbook, P&P, and BOD job descriptions.